Rollmasage Roll-Tech

The device Dimensions length / height / width 90/65/52 cm
Stool Adjustable rotation from 30 to 99 rpm
Mat Right and left rotation
Infrared lamp. Engine with cooling
Poster with massage positions Reverse gear
Certificates The ability to turn off the infrared
Exercise plan Protection against overload
Protection against being pulled in
Power supply 230 V, 50 Hz, 600W (power consumption depends on the load)
Capacity of the drum 140 kg
Stopping the drum
Warranty: 24 months
Terapia podczerwienią


The action of infrared radiation causes the body to expel not only water, but also fat (20%), cholesterol, heavy metals, acids and toxic compounds, mobilizes the defense forces of our body, strengthens the immune system. It also helps to bind free radicals, causing effective cleansing of the body, removal of subcutaneous fat and reduction of cellulite, as a result of which the skin becomes firm and elastic. In addition, infrared radiation – was used to fight overweight, because it allows the rapid warming of tissues and muscles, while increasing circulation and metabolism. Under the influence of heat, the circulation of blood improves, the skin removes impurities and dead cells, and thus becomes more firm and smooth. The result is increased blood flow and better oxygenation and blood supply to tissues. Oxygen is better supplied to the body's cells. This relaxes, reduces muscle pain and speeds up treatment processes. The skin turns red, which means that rich in oxygen blood reaches places where it can often be missing. This method significantly accelerates fat burning, reduction of cellulite and improves the appearance of the skin. It also provides a healthy sweating effect at 35-45 degrees Celsius, which accelerates the removal of harmful substances and toxins from the body. Infrared therapy strengthens the immune system and effectively supports the fight against colds and influenza-like infections in their early stages.


Collagen Light Therapy is one of the most effective anti-wrinkle therapies you can use. It is the only natural, non-invasive treatment, thanks to which you can completely get rid of wrinkles and improve the quality of your skin completely! During therapy, collagen does not use tanning UV radiation or laser radiation, but emits 633 nanometers of light in the visible spectrum. Visible pink light, is warm and pleasant and has a relaxing effect, and through its impact on human skin cells, stimulates the process of biosynthesis appropriate for every organism. It penetrates into the skin to a depth of up to 10 millimeters. The radiation dose reaching the deeper layers stimulates the collagen and elastin recovery in the skin. Reconstruction of lost collagen and elastin with the use of collagen therapy is a process that requires time and a bit of patience from a person undergoing this process, because it affects the body's natural defenses in the skin tissue. Such a process cannot be violent and fast, but its effects are excellent.

Home Low power consumption - the cost of device operation time is around 35gr
Gyms where every centimeter of the surface is important. Easy operation - no need to hire an additional person, the clients use the device themselves
Beauty salons where every centimeter of the surface is important. Large target group, because the device combines slimming effects
Massage rooms where every centimeter of the surface is important Regulating and healthy
Fitness clubs - as an extra bed for devices
Hotels and sanatoriums